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Tropical Themed Bedroom

Tropical Themed Bedroom

Photo by William Casey via Fotolia.com

The tropical bedroom style is more than palm trees and banana plants; it’s a range of design that reflects the easy-going island lifestyle of warm hospitality, comfort, and ease. This can be seen by using nautical themes—sailboats and vintage oars—or swanky surfer chic ideas—hammocks, grass skirt curtains, and surf board motifs. Other themes associated with this style are Bali exotic, coastal living or Palm Beach, featuring palm trees, starfish, seashells, canopy nets, and sandy floors. Furniture and color--greens and blues--are the key elements in tropical style bedrooms; these pieces range from weathered or wicker furniture, bamboo ceiling fans, and fun tropical floral treatments and accent pillows. If you would like to create a tropical-themed bedroom, here are some great tips and photos on how to incorporate this style in your design.

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