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Bedroom Color Ideas Using Pastels

Pink bedroom with Venetian Plaster look.

Pastels aren't just for Easter eggs! These soft washes of color look beautiful and peaceful on bedroom walls. Get inspired with photos of pastel bedrooms.

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In Praise of Making the Bed Each Day

Wednesday April 2, 2014
sheetsOne of the easiest ways to improve the look of your bedroom almost immediately is to make your bed each day shortly after getting up. Though it might be tempting to overlook this small task on hectic mornings, or figure, "Why bother making it when I'm just going to UNmake it again tonight?", it's worth spending the couple minutes to pull up your sheets, smooth out the comforter and plump up the pillows. If you are feeling really motivated, go ahead and set out a couple of shams to create some contrast, or use a toss pillow or two for color. You'll feel better when you come home at night and find a neatly made, appealing looking bed waiting for you. I make my bed each day, shams and all. What about you?

Sleeping With Your Pets

Sunday March 30, 2014
dog on bedI admit it. I share my bed almost every night with my dog and one of my two cats. The dog gets annoyed if I turn over, usually growing and stomping off the bed, only to return in a few minutes to cuddle up near my pillow. The cat spends her time pressing closer and closer against my legs, generating enough body heat to warm the entire room, or at least leave me sweating. I often wake up with barely enough room to turn over, much less stretch out my legs comfortably. My bedspread is covered with little rips where the cat catches her claws, and requires frequent washing to remove the pet hair. It's sometimes annoying, yet I wouldn't have it any other way. I like having my two furry friends nearby, and although I know there are some health risks associated with sharing the bed with pets, I'm willing to take that risk. How about you? Do you sleep with your pets, or do they have a room of their own?

Organize Your Bedroom Dresser

Sunday March 30, 2014
dresserIf you're anything like me, your bedroom dresser could function as a time capsule revealing secrets from your past. As time goes by, and items push further and further to the back of the drawers, they tend to be forgotten, sometimes until years later. Not so long ago, I discovered a Sony Walkman buried in the back of a drawer, complete with a cassette tape of my favorite songs from decades back. Other drawers reveal slips and pantyhose bought to match outfits that have been gone for nearly 20 years, gloves that have no mates, scarves I don't remember purchasing and shirts I haven't liked or worn in ten years. There's really no excuse for such a disorganized dresser -- it doesn't take more than a couple hours to get a dresser in order, and the results make hectic mornings just a little bit easier. I'm planning to whip my dresser into shape this week. How about you?

Neutral Paint Colors for Bedroom Walls

Saturday March 29, 2014
Bar Harbor BeigeThere's a reason neutrals never go out of fashion, and are the most popular colors for painting bedroom walls. These versatile tones combine with most other colors, look good with just about any decorating style and are difficult for even a non-designer to get wrong. The word "neutral" covers a lot of ground, including shades of white, tans and browns, and gray. Whichever you prefer, there's a perfect shade of paint out there waiting to grace your bedroom walls with never-boring, always-stylish color.

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