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What are the Best Bedroom Colors?


Green Color Samples

Green Color Samples.

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Question: What are the Best Bedroom Colors?

The biggest and most important decision made when decorating or designing your bedroom is your color scheme. This decision ranges from the type of wallpaper or paint color used for your bedroom walls, bedding, accent colors, type of floor finishes, and furniture. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cut-and-dry answer. The best bedroom colors will be based upon personal preference, your decorating style, your budget, and many other factors. Here are some tips and a list of ideas to assist you in finding the best color for your bedroom.

  1. Use Your Favorite Color

    Sometimes the best bedroom color is your favorite color. Whether you like blue, green, grey, orange, purple, brown, red, or white there is always a shade or idea that will be perfect for your bedroom. The best way to find ideas to use for your bedroom is to search online or in design magazine for inspiration. Searching online is the easiest way to find great bedroom photos, just type your favorite color plus “bedrooms” (for example “blue bedrooms”) in the search box above and several photos and resources will pop up. Other great search engines to find your favorite colors used in bedrooms are Google and Ask.com.

  2. By Decorating Style

    Some bedroom decorating styles tend to use certain colors and hues. The styles that use specific colors or color combinations are normally from the region and landscapes where they were invented. Here are some examples:

  3. Get Inspired by Artwork or a Pattern

    A painting, sculpture, photo, fabric pattern, or prints are fantastic inspirations for bedroom color schemes. If you have a favorite photo, artwork, or accessory—unique chair, wardrobe, window treatment, or lamp—it will have colors, textures, and patterns you could use in your design. This works well when designing and finding bedroom colors for a kid’s bedroom; using their artwork will offer great color options as well as a wonderful way to showcase their masterpieces.

  4. Color Schemes and Combinations

    Using a color scheme is another way to add great color in your bedroom. These color schemes are color complements, pastels, monochromatic, and bold hues. Besides these color schemes there are many types of color combinations that are classics, such as blue and brown, grey and orange, or black and white.

  5. Use a Neutral Color

    The best and safest way to add color to a bedroom is to use a neutral color with an accent color. This will give you the freedom to change out your bedroom color as well as an easy fix if you’re not happy with your color choices. The most common neutral colors used are white and brown but grey and black are also very popular and trendy alternatives. These neutral colors come in several shades and hues providing many options and ideas.

  6. Colors to Help Promote Sleep

    Some of the best bedroom colors help promote sleep and relaxation. If you are looking to create a Feng Shui, meditation, or a relaxing oasis; here are some great ideas on how to incorporate certain colors to create a bedroom for better sleep for you and your child.

  7. Using Color for Optical Illusions

    Color is used to make a small bedroom appear larger, make a large bedroom appear cozier, and to designate living spaces. Some of the basic ideas and tips used for bedrooms are listed below:

This list of suggestions will have you on your way in finding the best bedroom color and design concept for your room. Now that you’ve decided on your color scheme, let’s look at what types of decorating styles to choose from:

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