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What Colors Should I Paint My Bedroom?

By December 15, 2012

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Paint Swatches by stocksolutions via Fotolia.com

Picking paint colors can be a trying and long process, which has you wondering, pondering, and driving yourself, your partner, spouse, family and friends crazy. It doesn't have to be that way. Finding the best paint color for you bedroom can be a simple process; here are some great tips on how to help you make a quick and satisfying decision.

  1. Find one color you like. To begin choosing a paint color you'll need to figure out what dominate color you plan on using in your bedroom. This can be determined through three easy steps:

    • Pick a Neutral Color - If you're planning to sell your home within six months or a year then a neutral color is best; it's more universally pleasing to all and will help sell the space. Also, plan on using a neutral color if you decide you'll want to change your style, color scheme, or furniture in another year or so. That way you'll save time and money on having to repaint your room. Here is a list of neutral colors to consider:

    • Pick a Warm Color - Warm colors are best if your bedroom is large or odd-sized. If a warm color is used on a long accent wall, it will appear fore-shortened. Warm colors also make rooms feel warm and cozy perfect for bedrooms on the north or east side of your home. Here is a list of warm colors to consider:

    • Pick a Cool Color - Cool colors are great for small bedrooms, they make walls appear like they're receding. It's also a great color to cool down rooms that may be on the south or west side of your home. Here is a list of cool colors to consider:

  2. Pick Your Color Scheme. Once you decide on your color then you'll need to determine your color scheme; such as, monochromatic, triadic, color complements, or harmonized. This is easy to determine with an Interior Design Color Wheel; simply position the desired color in the window and follow the arrows and directions to find all available color schemes and options.

  3. Pick Your Dominate Color for Your Paint Color. Now that you know what color you like and have a color scheme in mind, now you need to pick your dominate color--as in the 60/30/10 rule--which will be your wall or paint color. A subtle approach uses a lighter, pastel tint on the walls with brighter, bold shades of the other hues as your accents. A more daring approach is to use a dark, bold color on your walls with lighter tones of your other colors as your accents. Something in the middle would be a neutral or pastel color on your walls with a bold shade on an accent.

These few steps will help you choose the best paint color for your bedroom walls. For more ideas on paint colors for bedrooms, check out the articles listed below:

(Photo Courtesy of stocksolutions via Fotolia.com)


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