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How to Make a Small Bedroom More Spacious


Eclectic Bedroom

Modern or contemporary bedroom decorated in the eclectic style.

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Have you ever wondered how they make small bedrooms appear so spacious on design shows or in magazines? Well, you can stop wondering, because here are some tricks and tips designers and photographers use to turn small bedrooms into marvelous and capacious rooms.

Time Required: A few hours to a weekend project, depending on how many changes needed.

Here's How:

  1. The more floor space you can see, the bigger the room will appear.

    The most important rule when working with small spaces is to show floor space, because the more floor space shown, the bigger the room will appear. Remove your area rugs and scatter rugs because unbroken floor space always makes a room appear larger. Another trick is to use wood or laminate floors versus carpeting because they tend to reflect light and space.

  2. Furniture that is free and clear of clutter will make the area feel bigger.

    Keep the clutter from gathering underneath your furniture; this will make the area feel bigger. Try to find adequate storage space for your shoes and other items in a closet or wardrobe versus using the space under your bed or furniture. Also, skip the skirts on beds, instead incorporate leggy pieces so you can see more of the floor space underneath; this will also create more space and depth to your bedroom.

  3. A bright, cheery, and well-lit room always looks larger.

    Try to incorporate as much natural light and lots of attractive artificial lighting in the form of hanging light fixtures, sconces, and lamps.

  4. Use mirrored furniture or framed mirrors to reflect light and space.

    Mirrored furniture is very popular and perfect for small bedrooms. These great pieces will not only provide clothing storage but also additional light and reflected space. A gorgeous framed mirror on your bedroom wall or closet will provide the same effect as well as additional charm and decor.

  5. Get rid of heavy window dressings and install French doors to make your room feel more open and spacious.

    Heavy window treatments and sheers block out natural light and keep the room from looking spacious. Remove them and try to incorporate alternative solutions, such as decorative window film or French doors.

  6. Tall pieces of furniture in the far corners of a room draw your eye back and will make the room look bigger.

    This affect works best if the furniture is light-colored or a unique focal point, such as an antique painted armoire or wall mural, which are attention grabbers that draw your vision back.

  7. Cool colors on walls will make them visually recede.

    If you use a cool, muted or pastel color on your walls it will give your bedroom the illusion of space. Another technique is to use a monochromatic color scheme by adding a light, pastel color for a accent wall, which will appear to recede creating additional depth.


  1. Use mirrors on the side of a narrow window to bring in more natural light.

    If you have small and narrow windows, which do not provide much natural light, a great tip used by designers is to add mirrors on each side of your window frame. This simple solution not only brings in more natural light, but it also makes the window appear larger.

    This is a simple do-it-yourself solution: 1) measure the inside of your window frame on both sides, 2) send your measurements to a glass company who will cut out the glass to your specifications, and 3) glue it in place with a mirror adhesive.

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