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What are the Best Bed Sheets?

Guide to Finding the Best


There are many manufacturers and brands of bed sheets. Whether they're designer or a well-known brand, how do you determine which is the best? The best bed sheets have many factors that you must consider; such as the type of fabric and weave along with your personal preference of the most comfortable feel and texture. Here is a list of bed sheets categorized by the feel and texture to help your find the best of your favorite.

1. Smooth, Soft Sheets

stack of sheets by christgr via sxc.hu
Photo by christgr via sxc.hu

Cotton sheets will offer the best type of smooth, soft sheets. When purchasing cotton sheets you'll need to know the type of cotton, thread count, and weave to find the best. Typically, 500 thread count or higher of Egyptian or Pima cotton sheets will produce the smoothest and softest sheets. Though a Sateen weave is acceptable, the Jersey weave will offer a more soft feel like your favorite tee-shirt.

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2. Silky, Soft Sheets Without the Shine

bedding and bed linens by LotusHead via sxc.hu
Photo by LotusHead vis sxc.hu

This type of sheet is cool, silky, and soft but will not have a shine or stick to you on hot, humid nights. The best silky, soft sheets are cotton sheets; the most desirable sheets will have a certain weave, fabric, and high thread count. Normally, a sheet with a thread count of 800 or more, made of a high percentage of Egyptian, Pima, or Supima® cotton and created with a Sateen weave will give you the most desirable soft, satiny feel.

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3. Cool, Silky Sheets With a Shine

Satin Sheet by foxumon via sxc.hu
Photo by foxumon via sxc.hu
Silk or Satin sheets are the best type of cool, silky sheets with a shine. Silk and satin sheets (satin is a type of weave) are the most expensive, more difficult to care for, and popular sheet to use for romantic summer nights that offer soft, cool, and silky textures. The best types are satin woven, not knitted, and made from silk—a natural fiber—or man-made fibers--like polyester, nylon, or acetate. Most department stores will sell knitted acetate satin sheets that are of low quality; the best place to find high quality silk and satin sheets are online, with high-end bedding stores, or directly from the manufacturer.
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4. Crisp, Smooth Sheets

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Photo by LotusHead via sxc.hu

Cotton, polyester, or a blend of both are the best crisp and smooth type of sheets. This is normally the least expensive type of sheet; look for a thread count of 400 or higher, along with a Percale weave to find the best fit.

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5. Warm, Fluffy Sheets

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Photo by LotusHead via sxc.hu

The best warm and fluffy types of sheets come from flannel weave cotton sheets. The best sheets will depend on the type of cotton and thread count; such as a thread count of 400 or more and a high percentage of Pima, Supima®, or Upland cotton to find the softest feel.

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